Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bay Leaf Vodka

I loved Libby's post about making her own homemade peppermint liqueur for all her friends and family.  So cute!  I have been scouring the interwebs for all kinds of cute DIY projects for Christmas gifts.  I was talking to my husband about Libby's peppermint liqueur and he told me something I didnt know:  My dad [apparently] loves bay leaf vodka.  I looked up a recipe and it was the easiest thing in the entire world.  DONE.  We're making it.

The Recipe:  Put 5 bay leafs in 2 cups of vodka, seal it and keep in a cool dry place (like a kitchen cupboard) for 2 weeks.  Voila!  This is an eastern European tradition.  It's an after-dinner drink that is served ice-cold.  I also found a recipe for blueberry bay leaf vodka and it's the same recipe as the bay leave vodka but you add 6 oz. of blueberries.  It's really pretty and easy and fun and I cant wait to see my dad's face when he opens it!  I made a few jars for a few other family and friends.  I also made Libby's peppermint liqueur and my very own Christmas Cranberry Sangria!  But I cant tell you who those are for.  It's Christmas.  Don't ask questions.


  1. Cute! I want the cranberry sangria recipe ...btw, I'm making mulled wine tonight using the recipe I got from Perpetually Engaged ;) ~Andrea

  2. that sounds awesome. let me know how it turns out, linz!


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