Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Room, Live Art

Tacoma is amazing.  This city is filled with artists and musicians and I love that most about Tacoma.  On Saturday, we participated in a live art night at The Red Room (South 23rd and Tacoma Ave in the Dome District).  DJ Ordan laid down some sick beats to inspire the creative mood.  There were some supplies but most people brought their own.  My friend who put on the event says he'll plan to do more of these.  I cant help but miss Brit.  She and I used to get together to create things.  We called these art nights: Creation Station.       

Dan an I collaborated on a piece for our friends, Ben and Sam, who have NO ART on the walls in their apartment.

Photo of the Day:  12/17/11.  DJ Ordan. Dreams come true!

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