Thursday, December 08, 2011

Help Me Get to France or Buy Me Something Cute

I am pretty sure that I have never enjoyed making a Christmas list.  I would rather have people give me something they want to give me than write out a list, hand it over, and wait for my gifts to arrive.  It seems so rude and selfish.  Doesn't it?  There are, however, SOME PEOPLE **Cough, my sister, Cough** who want a list.  So, if you must ask, for Christmas this year I would like anyone who feels led to donate money to our trip to France.  It's even tax deductible!  You can donate here, through CSM.  However, just for fun, I also made a list of things I need/want.  [But mostly I just wanted to make a pretty collage of cute things].

  1. I would like any brown leather messenger bag for my lappy-top. [Image Via Here]
  2. This is just cute and practical and it's a map of Paris.  Lap top sleeve from Lilly Bird Company
  3. I am slightly obsessed with antlers.  Antler Ring from House of Harlow
  4. So pretty and cute.  I will wear it with colorful tights and boots!  Dress from H&M.
  5. Still need this:  Eddie Bauer Black 65 Car Seat from Target.
  6. I've been lovin' mustard yellow and I want a fun new dress.  This is: Go for the Goldenrod Dress from Modcloth.
  7. Trying to work out more so I always need more sports bras!  [Image Via Here]
  8. I want a bike so bad!  Image via Pinterest.
  9. I want to put this in the baby's room.  Camera Girl Print on Wood via Petit Collage Etsy shop.
  10. I would love an unusual, yet classy, wine decanter.  This antler decanter by Ettiene Meneau is especially awesome. 

And, please, dont actually buy me that antler wine decanter.  It's 2500 euros.  If you've got that kind of cash lying around, please pay for my trip to France.  Ok?  Thanks!


  1. Save your pennies! And have you checked out airbnb.com?

  2. Oh yes! I've used airbnb and we've even hosted. For france, we have a place to stay. We lived in France so we are staying at a camp and with friends. It's a cheap trip, relatively speaking. We just dont have enough saved up yet and we have to buy plane tickets in about 3 weeks!


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