Friday, November 11, 2011

We Need Stuff

I'm not revealing the baby's room.  Not yet.  But it's almost ready, and I'm so excited!  We expect to have a child placed in our home in March or April.  So, we're at about the 5 month stage which seems to be about the stage when pregnant women freak out.  I am in freak-out mode.

I still need a few things before the kiddo arrives.  I know I shouldn't be worrying but I'm a planner.  Before this kid arrives there's Christmas and then a trip to France!  Financially, it will be so tough.  I need to buy a car seat, fireplace shield, and a CPR mouth guard. Then there are the things I want to buy before the kiddo arrives like:  books and toys, stroller, jogging stroller, high chair.

[I'm sure I'm forgetting 100 things!]

Well, I started a registry so if you want to buy us gifts, you can!  [wink]  I know it will all come together.  I just "dont know how to relax". Get it?  The name of my blog.  Anyway, I wanted to show off this penant by Emily of Uff Da Designs!  That's all for now.  Have a great weekend!  


  1. so excited to see the whole space, and thrilled to have contributed a little piece for it! extremely excited for you guys about your new adventure in parenting. raising a little one is the most amazing thing i've EVER done and i'm overjoyed that you'll be experiencing it soon! xoxo!

  2. Thanks, Emily! So sweet! [btw, Poppy is the CUTEST!!!]

  3. Don't worry about having everything. You will learn what you actual use and need when the kid gets to your house. When I found out I was preggers I just started putting money in a savings account every month. I used that money to get the things we needed right before and right after Macklin was born. Don't worry it will come together. If it makes you feel better I still and not ready for Macklin's arrival. He room needs some work and I wished I would have finished a few other things. The good news is that you are not pregnant and have the energy to get these things done. :) And wait until the kid gets here. THAT is when things get expensive......formula, day care, diapers, clothes that he keeps out growing, doctors appointments, bottles, wipes, laundry detergent because he pukes and spits up on everything, medicine, toys, etc.

  4. HA! Thanks Amanda. I know it will come together. I'm not really THAT worried. Just thinking.....


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