Friday, August 12, 2011

My mom is 50

Fifty years ago today, Alana Zavodsky was born in Vancouver, WA.  Her dad, Grandpa John, was a high school math teacher.  She has 5 step-siblings and 3 biological-siblings.  She is the youngest of her biological family and 2nd youngest out of the whole clan.  I believe she was one of the first to get married.  When she was 21 she was pregnant with me!  I was due on her 22nd birthday but came three days later.  (So, if you do the calculations, you will realize that I am going to be 28 on Monday.)  She's a wild, sassy lady and I learned so much from her.  She taught me so many things:  reading and writing, that Sesame Street is the best show on TV, eating veggies is important, cooking and baking, putting on make-up, driving, paying bills, buying a house, fixing up a house.

We used to celebrate our birthdays at Portland Zoo. [1986].

The weirdest part about my mom turning 50 is that I remember her when she was my age.  She was pregnant with my sister, Sister#3.  I guess I'm a little behind - because she had 3 kids at 28 and I have 0.  But, it's a sign of the times.  Just one generation later, 22 is very young to be having babies.  But, hey, she had all her  kids by the time she was 30 and she was the hottest mom at every graduation ceremony.  ;-)

My mom on Mother's Day, 2011.  Photo by:  Sister#2.

At 50 she's got four grown kids who are all pretty much independent; the world is her oyster!  She is good at so many things - drawing, painting, sewing.  She has many, many years of life ahead of her and I hope and pray that she has a blast and finds happiness.  I love you so much, mom.  We're going to have an awesome weekend!  Full of surprises!  You deserve a party so that's what we're giving you!

(More posts to come....)   XOXO!  -Lindsy

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