Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Bash!

So many great things happened this weekend!  My mom turned 50.  We (the kids) took her to Cheesecake Factory, her fave.  Then on Saturday, my cousin got married.  We danced the night away with our cousins (some of them... We have over 20 cousins in my mom's family).  It was beautiful and fun!  On Sunday we took mom and her friend, Anna, wine tasting in Oregon!  It was so fun!  I love wine tasting!Our favorite place was Fox Farm Vineyard and Wine Bar.  It's in Newberg, OR.  They did a really nice tasting for us and we all found a wine that we really liked.  I brought home a 2008 Pinot Noir.  Saving it for a nice occasion!

My only regret is that I forgot my camera.  Left it sitting by the front door - dont you hate that!!?  Hopefully my sister got some good shots on hers.  

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