Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Step into My Office

Welcome to my office!  I am fortunate to work from home and I wanted to share my space with you.  It's nothing special....  AT ALL.  I just felt like sharing.  You should be aware of several things:  Unless I have a meeting or a rare morning-workout (and subsequent shower), I do not put on makeup until after 5pm.  I wear yoga pants and large T-shirts or sometimes a skirt and tanktop or a simple dress.... but mostly the yoga pants.  I have a view of UW-Tacoma.  It is sometimes interesting and distracting.

Oh, and I just got a Macbook about 4 days ago so I made this video.

Stuff I like!

My desk, obviously.

This is a photo of Dan from high school.  It got 92% on Hot or Not.


  1. very cool space. and your glasses are adorbs. grace needs new ones. kinda like that.

  2. I love your video!!! :) and i'm lmao about dan's photo on hot or not. awesome.

  3. I love the video!!!!! It makes me smile so big!


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