Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye, Little Buddy

I cant even believe this.  My precious, fluffy bunny passed away this morning.  He was seeming a little weird on Friday night.  His eyes were goopy and he was shedding.  I just thought he was shedding because of summer.  He was still eating so I didnt think there was a problem.  Then on Saturday he was a little slower, but still moving around.  This morning he was barely moving and his heart rate had slowed.  I made a vet appointment but a half hour later he was gone.

The worst part was seeing him in pain and not knowing A) How bad it was, B) How to make it stop.  It's also not fair that I have no idea what happened.  Did I give him some bad celery?  Did he get too much exercise?  Not enough?  Did he get too hot?  Was he depressed?  I will never know the answer.

You can read in a post from February of this year and a post from the week that I brought him home how much I loved this little guy.  He will be dearly missed.


  1. what a stinky morning, linz. i'm so sorry to hear about winston, and i hope you're doing ok.


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