Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spokane + Baby Shower

This weekend I drove a really long way to see my sister (Sister #3) at her college:  Eastern Washington University.  My mom and Sister#2 drove there, also, from Vancouver.  So, it was a girls weekend!  We didnt have an agenda, just wanted to spend time together.
Sister #3 showing us around EWU.

Sister#2 at Red Robin in downtown Spokane.

After two nights in Spokane, we were all going to leave Sister#3 and head back down to Vancouver for Amanda's baby shower.  Amanda was my neighbor when I was in high school and we played softball together, too; my dad was one of the coaches. My sisters are friends with her, too, and obviously my parents have known her for a long time so we were all invited to her baby shower.  I got a few things off her registry and also found some white onesies that I wanted each of the ladies to customize for Amanda.  On Saturday we got to work with some 90s music on the iPod and some of Sister#3's acrylic paints.

My mom created an argyle pattern with a monogrammed "M"

I went with a sailor-theme.

All four "M" onsies.
Amanda is married to Marshall and due to generations of family tradition, they have to name their baby an M-name!  HAVE TO.  They haven't chosen one yet but I figured since their last name starts with an M it's safe to say that an M-emblazoned-onesie would be kosher.  So, even if in her drug- induced post-labor state Amanda decided to ditch the M-name, their last name is still an M.  (God forbid).

Here are some photos from Amanda's baby shower.  (She's due September 23rd.)

Me and Amanda. 06/12/11.  [Photo by:  Sister#2].

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