Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Ties

It's amazing how 4 people can all be related and be so different.  I have two sisters and a brother; I'm the oldest.  There are few similarities between us.  Let's start with me because I'm the oldest and I'm always first.

I'm brash, self confident, selfish, independent, an extrovert who likes loud concerts and wild parties, a photographer, a documenter.  I want people to like me but dont make an extra effort to ensure that that happens.  I like most people and making new friends.  I'm bossy and I'm a control freak.  And (if you couldnt tell) I'm really hard on myself.

Sister Number 2 is creative, an amazing painter, a hard-working employee, a concerned friend.  She's selfishly insecure but at the same time knows exactly how to make anyone feel like a million bucks.  She gives the best, most creative and thoughtful gifts.  She's an introvert who would rather watch movies at home or go to coffee with a friend than be in a noisy, crowded place.  She is very funny!

Sister Number 3 is loud and wild, completely uncoordinated, an introvert who knows how to party.  She's a caring friend and a responsible student.  She loves to read, write, and paint abstract art.  She's five years younger than I am so we never went to school together.  We've lived really different lives even though we grew up in the same homes.  I am thankful for her patience and her peace-maker attitude, especially throughout all my recent family drama.  She is the rock of the family.  Secretly I think she's everyone's favorite which doesn't bother me.

Little Brother
is the youngest, lives at home, and is the most introverted of the three.  He can sit and wail on his guitar for hours.  He's horribly messy, extremely smart, talented, and he's a good handyman.  He knows how to fix a lot of things.  He is critical (which makes me think he's a perfectionist) but he's usually right.  He's seven years younger than I am.  He was 11 when I left for college so I haven't lived with him since then.  He is so talented creatively and I hope and pray that he gets to use his gifts more as he gets older.

So, those are my siblings!  We're a rag-tag bunch of hooligans.  We argue and piss each other off but we can also pull together and throw a pretty good party or laugh our butts off at Youtube videos.  Our sense of humor and our life experiences are what keep us going.  I am so blessed to have a big, crazy family.  I love them all, flaws and all, and I know that they love me, too.

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