Friday, June 10, 2011

Afternoons and Coffee Spoons

There's just something about sitting in a coffee shop - especially on a rainy day, which we have quite frequently here in the Pacific Northwest.  And we Washingtonians (and Oregonians) really love our coffee!  However, to cut costs, I tried brewing my own espresso this week.  It was decent, at best.  Part of the fun of paying $2.50 for an Americano is that A) Somone else made it. and B) I get to sit in a cool, cozy coffee shop.  I do not think that this making my own coffee thing will work out too well but I'll keep trying!

Here's a look back at some past cups of coffee via my Photo of the Day project.


  1. its a good thing i like good plain coffee instead of espresso drinks...i'd go broke!

  2. When I worked at the Bank we had a Starbucks in our building so I went there 1-2 times a day. Now I have nothing within walking distance although one of my co-workers will take our orders once a week or so and run to Starbucks during a break. Jay and I have resorted to the glass jar Frap's since we're still too immature to drink 'real' coffee.


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