Monday, June 20, 2011

Style Nouveau

My hair has been long and layered and balayaged for far too long.  Dont know what balayage is?  It's hand painted highlights that give a softer grow out than foiled highlights or all-over-dye.  I am a HUGE proponant for balayage.  Before balayage, I re-colored my hair every 4 weeks.  Since I died my hair brown a year ago I have done balayage twice:  Once in Ocotber, and then again in February.  February was over 3 months ago!  It was getting really grown out - like 2 inches of roots.  So, I got my hair done over the weekend!  She cut about 3 inches off and went WAY LIGHTER.  I like it, though.  I set up the ol' tripod and did some self-portraits and only one turned out.  The others are so goofy.  I cannot successfully do the serious side-look without looking like a total noob so I just stare at the camera and smile and pretend like it's Dan taking the picture.  :)

I've also been trying different things with my nails.  Blue, pastelly green, minty green, bright pink.  The other day I tried a bling finger.  I dont know if that's what it's called but that's what I'm calling it.  You paint 1 nail a different, stand-out color.  This is Maybelline Gold Rush on my ring finger... I mean, bling finger!.... and OPI Shanghai Shimmer on the rest.  Loves it!

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  1. you are so fashionable. i like your tank top!


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