Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Easier

Exactly one year ago my life flipped up-side-down.  My husband made a major career change that now involves him traveling the United States for days or weeks at a time.  Since the summer of 2009 (through March of 2010) we had been trying to buy a duplex to move into with a friend.  Since we were pre approved and looking at houses, Dan and I rented out our own house to some college students.  Our house is less than half a mile from a university so it was something we'd always talked about doing.  We got the lease signed in January and in March our dreams of buying a duplex all fell through.  This gave us about 6 weeks to find a new place to live because I wasn't about to nullify a contract and leave four college girls homeless.  So, we found a place to rent and moved some of our things into a little place by Wright Park.  Then, there was the stuff with my parents which I wont get into for their sake. 

So, to recap:  involuntary moving, new job, new financial situation, husband gone, family problems = Last May was the worst month EVER.  Since Dan had just started his new job playing music their first tour was almost 4 weeks.  I thought I was going to die.  I was stressed out, sad, living in an apartment that I hated, our circle of friends had changed, I was a landlord... and... my husband was gone.  I was a complete wreck.  If you knew me then or met me then, I am sorry.  It was a bad time. 

I feel like I had six good months of mourning; I was mourning the death of my old life and the crumbling of an institution that I had previously regarded so highly.  Dan could see that I was miserable and began a hunt for a new place to live.  We got out of our one year lease after six months and moved downtown to the loft we're in now.  That was metaphorical rebirth for me, and for Dan, going from a little basement apartment to a bright, downtown loft.  We moved in October of last year, Dan went on a short tour and then he was home for 7 weeks.  All the holidays, the decorating of our new place, he was here for that and I loved it. 

Then when he went out in January it wasn't so hard.  February was good, too.  April was the easiest of all and now in May and June I get to go with him.  In short, we're FINALLY getting the hang of it and I'm FINALLY happy with this new life.  I didn't choose it.  It all just got thrown at me with no warning.  I am proud of the way I handled it... well, I did the best I could.  It's not over but I'm in a much better place.  Life is all about changes and readjusting and moving forward. 

When Dan is home I take full advantage of every second with him, and he with me.  It's not easy when he's gone but it's also not as terrible as it was a year ago.  I am so thankful for his patience and unconditional love, for leaving me notes, calling me every night before bed, and buying me little presents on the road.  When he's home, we just chill out.  These are some photos from the past few days.  They insinuate serious boredom but to me they're beautiful!


  1. so glad things are getting better. it must be hard being married to a rock star. and such a super cool one at that. xxoo

  2. aw, Linz! this made me sad. i so wish we would have talked more during this time. i love you so much, sweet lady! i'm sorry that you're stressed right now, but i hope it's getting better.


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