Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blast from the Past

I am at the airport, waiting to head home. It was a short trip to California but we had a blast!!!
So I posted on facebook that I was in california and low and behold, my friend, Chelsea, from high school lives nearby.  She was so sweet to drive up and see me.  I haven't seen her in NINE YEARS!  We went out for lunch.  First of all, she drives THE SAME CAR and looks EXACTLY the same.  I literally said, "Whoa. Time warp." when I got in the car.  Secondly, she's had the same boyfriend for almost 10 years and they're getting married in a couple weeks and he is a traveling musician, too. We have much more in common than our memories of high school dances and driving around town causing mischief eleven years ago.

Me and Chelsea - 2011.

I have been looking for a support system for people who get what it's like for their husband to be gone a couple weeks at a time.  I am so glad I got to reconnect with Chelsea!  We plan to stay in touch and I really hope we do.

Sophomore year. Me, Julie, Chelsea, Sara - 1999.

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