Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sound of Music

This blog has become less of a photography blog and more of a lifestyle blog. I started this blog so that I could have another place (other than my website and Facebook) to reference things like photo-shoot-locations and the types of photo albums I offer.

I realized that there isn't any music on my blog and I'd like to start incorporating that. I've been in two bands. The first was called Victor Victoria.
  • Brittny: a sassy, sultry, genius wrote our lyrics and sang them beautifully
  • Rory: a skinny, silly red head wailed on the guitar
  • Me: I sort-of pounded and tapped the drums, occasionally
Victor Victoria never actually wrote music. I guess you could say we were an experimental, go-with-the-flow jam band. We "jammed" a few times and played one show at my house. (I hate the word "jam" but there really isn't another synonymn). We even recorded some stuff on Brittny's 4-track. It was awesome yet shortlived. Rory moved and the band ended.

Then, last fall I started a new band with a lot of people who had no idea what they were doing. We called ourselves The Knuckledusters. It was fun. We haven't met in a while. I am on bass now and I'm taking lessons from my husband, who is a PRO! Being new musicians, I suggested we learn a cover so everyone threw their choice into a hat and we pulled out a very slow and easy one: Your Name Here by Straylight Run.

I am committed to it but I can't speak for everyone in the band. So, for now, I'll keep plucking away at one of the slowest songs ever written and hopefully keep learning some new skills. And, in the meantime, I'd like to add more music to the blog. Stay tuned! (music pun)


  1. Put, put, put it in the hat! Good to see you're keeping the game (and dream) alive. I love that you are constantly challenging yourself in life. Loves!

  2. Thanks, Sarboo! Love you! The hat game is a classic and so useful! You should use it with your students! And teach them the song... of course!


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