Monday, March 21, 2011

Wine Tasting

Next week is my best friends' birthday so this weekend we went wine tasting in Oregon's Willamette Valley. It was a blast! Some favorites: Four Graces Black Family Reserve ($75/bottle), Wine by Joe Pinot Noir ($19), Fox Farm "Lux" ($28). We met an array of characters and had an AWESOME lunch at Dundee Bistro. Their specialty: truffle fries! French fries tossed in truffle oil with parmesan and fennel, served with ailoi sauce. They were so good that Rob sang a song about them: "Truffle Fries" to the tune of "Smelly Cat" by Pheobe on Friends. The song was hilarious. As if a song isn't enough... additional proof that Rob like the truffle fries: he got an another order after he ate his meal and then two more orders later in the day as carry-out. Love those truffle fries!

It was so special to go down there and I'm glad I did. I lost my debit card and had to bail on some previous plans but other than that fiasco it was worth it!

Fox Farm tasting room in Newberg, OR.
Rob sampled the wine using all five of his senses.
A candid shot of me and Sara at Four Graces (by Rob).

Photo of the day. 03/19/11.

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