Monday, July 10, 2017

We're Moving In

When we set out to find a home, we were not sure what we really wanted. We had spoken with a realtor and mortgage broker but our search hadn't started. We were all over Zillow and Redfin. All the time. One day, in January, Dan sent me a link to a house that was listed as a 2 bed 1 bath and I replied with something like : "Too small. I'm not even going to look." and he was like, "Trust me. Just look." Low and behold this little house was [literally] the cheapest house in Nashville. It was 3 miles from's Liam's school and it actually had 3 bedrooms, 2 dining rooms and a sunroom. It was a foreclosure so I asked our realtor about it. She told me we had 4 days to make a bid. Dan wouldnt get to see it because he was returning home in 5 days (of course). So, I took a look and I liked it! We made a big. A generous bid, 18% above asking price - but still the cheapest house in Nashville :) We found out the next day (Dan still hasn't seen it) that we won! It was ours. It was a long, long, long process for reasons I wont get into but on May 12, 2017 this little diamond in the rough was ours! We've spent the past 2 months tearing out walls, painting, mudding, tiling and we're still no where near being done but we've decided to move in. We have a refrigerator in our guest room and there's literally no floor in the dining room but we can make it work. We're soooo excited! Here are some of our before and during photos. 

The first photo I took of the house - the only day it snowed in 2017.

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