Sunday, January 10, 2016

Three Months

3 months ago this little guy was born and my life was forever changed. In these three months I've learned so much more about motherhood and self-sacrifice and a love so deep it can't help but bring you to tears. Sure, I've been a mother now for almost four years, but giving birth was so personal. Ronan grew inside my body for 41 weeks while Liam grew in my heart for years. Too cheesy? Well, it's true. When Ronan was born I knew him. We were us. When I met Liam he was totally unknown and it was such a fun experience getting to know him. Two experiences of motherhood, two beautiful boys, a lifetime of joy ahead. I am so blessed and honored to be their mother and to experience motherhood in such beautiful and strikingly different ways.

I've been thinking so much about our future with these two. Ronan will soon be sitting up, then walking, talking and before we know it he will be a grown up boy with a plan of his own. And I'm sure these brothers will give us wrinkles and grey hair with all of their antics. I see big family dinners and I hear loud, terrible band practice and a lot of laughter and screaming. I picture little Ro growing bigger than his big brother and being the even keeled member of the family. He may be just a baby but I see such a gentle spirit in him. Nearly everyone has described him as sweet, and he sure is. His disposition is decidedly sweet.

He has discovered his hands. He's always nibbling on those things. He is great at sleeping and eye contact and holding up his huge noggin. Even though he looks a bit chubby all scrunched up like that he's really not so rolly poly. In short: He's the best.

It's been a very, very good 3 months.

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