Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Stolen Camera

photo by Allison Elfante

Ronan was born on October 10th 2015. A few days later, Dan and Liam took a little day trip to buy a new camera. I had the day to myself to sleep and feed Ronan. It was a glorious. It was a big deal to buy that camera. We're self employed, on maternity and paternity leave. It was a bit of a gamble but we knew it would bring us more business and help us create better photos for our clients.

We took that camera out to Washington/Oregon on a trip to visit family and introduce everyone to Ro. It was a great opportunity for a family photo. We got photos of us with all 3 of my siblings, my brother's wife, my sister's brand new husband and my younger sister's fiance. We took engagement photos for Karli and Sean and we took photos of my mom with her grandsons. 

With all the chaos of dragging two kids, a back pack, a diaper bag, a water bottle and a partridge in a pear tree, the camera was left in the car. We're not sure where or how but the camera was either taken Thanksgiving night or Friday morning. We were physically ill when we realized it was gone. I hate being robbed, that feeling of being violated. Someone saw something valuable in an old Subaru that had two car seats in it and they took it. 

It was probably the most expensive thing we own. I dont know how much Dan's music gear is worth. It was definitely the most expensive thing that I own. We need another camera as soon as possible and our friends have stepped up the plate. If you feel so inclined, you can donate towards a new camera, lens and case on our GoFundMe page or sending money via PayPal to lindsy@lmrphotos.com -- and we will send you a photo print for donating. 

Thank you so much and please, please, please be careful with your valuables. 

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