Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Month

Life with a newborn is so magical, so sweet and so crazy. We're all adjusting well it's just such a huge adjustment. Ronan eats like a champ (ALL DAY LONG so he is sleeping well at night). Nursing is the most beautiful and painful experience of my life. It's no wonder moms are emotional after their baby's arrive. It's partly the hormones and partly the sheer psychosis of a roller coaster of the best and worst feelings you've ever experienced. The physical recovery which, although I felt prepared for it, was the strangest part of this process. All of sudden you have a 50 step process to use the bathroom -and- you have a tiny baby to care for 24/7. You're constantly googling ("baby hair loss", "mastitis", "when to pump" and "how to wash cloth diapers" to name a few) and texting more experienced friends about all of the above. I had my follow up appointment yesterday and I'm doing well. What a relief! I guess it's totally normal to bleed for 4 weeks and not die. (ha!)  I still need to wait a month to run and that is killing me because this is the BEST time of year to run. The cooler, sunny days are perfect running weather. We have started to enjoy walks through the neighborhood and I am able to recover quickly from those so at least I've got that. I'm not very good at resting but I've learned to rest. I dont "sleep when the baby sleeps" because I'm a terrible napper but I cuddle with that little chunk as much as possible and occasionally fall asleep on the couch before bed time (which is 9:30!). Dan's doing most of the housework and I'm using my crockpot on the regular. I can confidently say that I'm not at all confident in my ability to mother 2 children - especially when Dan gets back on tour - but by the grace of God we're joyful and cared for. It feels like sweet baby Ronan should have been here all along. 

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