Tuesday, October 20, 2015

JORD Wood Watches + My 1st Postpartum Outfit (that isn't yoga pants!)

shoes and waterfall cardigan: thrifted. T-shirt: Target. jeans: Gap flares. pashmina: gift. watch: JORD. earrings: H+M, bracelets and rings: gifts. 

I didnt wear a watch for many years because I always had a cell phone on me. Can you relate? You dont see watches very often. But just when we all thought cell phones couldn't get any smaller or thinner, they started making them bigger. I've got a big ol' cell phone so it's never in my pocket. Therefore, watches are back! Watches can be beautiful accessories. I only have two watches: one silver (a cheapy from Target) and one gold (a nice present from my husband). I wear a watch every time I shoot or coordinate a wedding. It's a must. So, not only do my watches need to be functional for, you know, telling time, they need to be beautiful because I'm often wearing mine with a dress.

So, when I heard about Jord Wood Watches I was ecstatic! That's not just something I want, that's something I need! There are tons of style options from light wood, zebra wood and dark wood, rose gold, black or green faces, a little added bling, square watches....big watches... I could go on. The entire collection is beautiful. It was hard to choose but I decided that, with fall just around the corner and most of my wardrobe being black and neutral that the Ely in Dark Sandalwood was the watch for me! I cannot wait to pair it with jeans and sweaters.

Go check them out! Christmas is just around the corner.

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