Saturday, October 03, 2015

Due Date

photo by Liam :)

We made it to our due date - and beyond! We had THE BEST DAY. Yesterday was our friends', Teddy and Caitlin's, long awaited nuptials. They've been engaged for a year and a half and they were some of our first friends to get the news about baby. Of course their first question was, "When are you due?!" and the answer, "Your wedding day!" was followed by laughter and promises that we wouldn't miss it for the world. Although I'd love to be holding our little boy right now, I'm so glad we were able to be there. Unfortunately, I cant say the same thing about my sister's wedding in Portland, OR next week. We were going to get tickets if brother arrived a week early but, alas, he has not. The real irony would be if he arrived on their wedding day; a clear, "No, you were not meant to be here" sign from above. Because I'm really bummed we can't make it.

Liam didn't join us at the wedding yesterday but was really impressed by our clothing. He told us over and over how "pretty" we looked! So, before we left him with his baby sitter, we promised that he could get dressed up and we'd take him out to dinner when we got back. Afterall, a due date seems like something to celebrate! 

After the beautiful ceremony, brunch, dancing and dessert, we headed home and dressed our boy up in his finest clothes. It was raining so we decided to drive [5 blocks!] and yet, somehow, we got front row Broadway parking on a Friday night. We got a window seat at Merchants and ordered the deviled eggs and burgers all around! Liam loves Broadway and was in the best mood. He charmed the servers and was on his best behavior. It truly was the best day.

So now, we wait. We're ready for baby brother at any moment. The bags are packed and all plans are pending. I've been walking and exercising and getting as much sleep as possible. I cannot believe how big the bump has gotten and I fear that the boy is getting bigger by the second. Our induction is scheduled for October 12, now just 9 days away. We're hoping for a natural birth so I'm having my membranes swept on Monday. From what I've heard, that should do the trick! 10/5/15 would be a pretty cool birthday. Just sayin....

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