Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 Tips for a Versatile Nursery

3 Tips for a Versatile Nursery
 By Jennifer Riner

 Designing a nursery can prompt parents to purchase tiny furnishings or expensive child-like accessories. After a couple years, however, children want a “grown up” space that reflects their newest hobbies – which no longer include the baby-themed décor you previously chose. Why not create a space that can grow with your kids, rather than redesign every few years? Here are three tips to create a nursery that can easily convert into a toddler’s room and beyond.

 1. Opt for Stylish Furniture 
 Furnishings, in general, are costly, so it doesn’t make financial sense to spend a lot on small, baby- themed pieces. Instead of purchasing pieces with cartoon characters or sports memorabilia etched in the wood, opt for plain, well-designed furniture. If you absolutely need color, find pieces online or at resale or consignment shops that you can paint in fun shades or designs, then easily sand and repaint in the future. Color aside, if you wouldn’t place a piece of furniture anywhere else in your house, it’s probably not a smart pick. One day your kids will leave for college and you’ll want an extra guest room, and that Disney character-shaped side table won’t cut it in an empty nest.

 2. Incorporate Small Baby-Themed Designs 
 Of course you want to design a space that is going to inspire and delight the little ones. While you should keep the big stuff neutral, incorporate accent pieces that are age-appropriate for your baby. Hang illustrations of your baby’s favorite animal, or pull in colorful throw rugs and fuzzy pillows. These fun accoutrements are interesting without overwhelming the room. In the future, you can always take these pieces and scatter them throughout the rest of the home as a reminder of yesteryear.

 3. Create a Timeless Theme 
 The simplest way to begin designing a room is by selecting a muse piece and then outfitting the rest of the space to complement it. The piece should be something fun for babies, toddlers, kids, pre- teens and so on, and then your child always has a staple piece in their room they can be inspired by. For a feminine touch, classic patterned curtain panels, such as toile, easily transition the bedroom from little girl to grown woman. If you’re not sure of what to choose as your inspiration, try hometown themes. Parents living on the East Coast might select nautical staples for their kids’ rooms. Or, if you’re looking for homes in Nashville for your family, vintage vinyls and an old record player are fitting. A home design accessory that reflects the vibe of your child’s hometown can become a memento, and they can take that with them into their future abodes as a reminder of home.

 You don’t have to spend a fortune on redesigning your kid’s room as they get older. If you start with a smart, neutral nursery with just a few touches of fun, you can save money and keep your kid feeling comfortable in their space for years to come. For more nursery design inspiration, visit Zillow Digs.

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