Sunday, February 08, 2015

Gotcha: A Letter to my Son

Dear Son,

A year ago I walked into an emergency foster home and saw your teeny tiny body laying on a fuzzy rainbow blanket. You were skin and bones but your smile, stretching from ear to ear, showed no signs of sadness or hunger. You were bursting with joy, despite all you'd been through. I didn't realize it but at that moment I was a mom. I wasn't just a foster mom. I was your mom. 

Liam, the past three years have been so incredibly fun. Challenging and not at all how I imagined them - but so much fun! We made it through 2 years of foster care, finalizing your adoption and moving across the country. You're such a resilient little man, with such a great story. I am so happy to spend my days with you. You're my "best one".

Happy Gotcha Day! 

Love, Mama

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