Thursday, January 01, 2015

Word of the Year | 2015

My 2015 Word of the Year is:  M E S S Y.

We'll be living in a farmhouse this year. There's a couple of acres and there is a creek in our yard. I want to plant a vegetable garden. I want to let Liam get filthy dirty, the way a little boy should. I want to dig out the playdough and colored rice. I may even let Liam leave a few toys around the house. 

I want to invite people over and throw parties - no matter what the house looks like or if we have enough money to pay for a party. I want to let my guard down. I truly believe that messy people are the most interesting. There's nothing exciting about someone who puts on a facade of perfection. 

I will always cherish 2014 even though it almost broke me. It was so much harder than I had imagined it would be. I'm entering 2015 with an overwhelming peace with myself, with Dan, with Liam, with LMR Photos and just.... life. Here's to a fabulous, interesting, intentional, wholehearted and MESSY 2015!

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