Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh, Hi!

Well, hello! It's been a while since my last post. We are plugging along at this thing we call life. Liam played 8 weeks of YMCA soccer. It was pretty much awful for everyone involved. But, on the bright side, he got to experience group sports and we now have at least 5 months to decide if we want to do it again. 

I went and had my hair chopped off. It was time. I dont know if it was the summer heat, the chlorinated shower water or just negligence but my hair was getting really gross. I thought about cutting it off for months before I took the plunge. I wanted to be sure it wasn't some weird impulse but something I really wanted to do. 

Dan was home for about 3 weeks last month. It flew by, of course, but it was so nice to have him here. He's most likely going to be home for remaining 6 weeks of 2014 and I can hardly contain myself! It's like we'll be a real family - only not, because none of us is working. So it's like we'll be a family that's on vacation for 6 weeks. 

Speaking of not working, the wedding season has come to a close and I dont have much to do until spring. So... Hire me to take your Christmas card photos? Headshots? Black and white photos of the newspaper? Your pets? Your shoe collection? Your new haircut? 


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