Friday, June 06, 2014

The Thrifted Midi Skirt + Summer Style Tips

A few weeks ago I was HOTT (two Ts) and I didn't know what to wear. I've since hit up some thrift shops for vintage midi-skirts and with the help of my "stylist" (my friend from Tacoma: Sarah, of Lady Go Lightly) I started throwing together creative summer outfits. In the NW we had about 6 weeks of summer and I worked full time so my summer clothes are shabby. Suitable for camping, at best. Jorts, tank tops and too-short sun dresses is about all I had and most of it was a decade old. So now that I'm a grown lady with a career, living in a place with 6 months of summer I needed help. Here are some of Sarah's tips for dressing nice when it's hott. Sarah has lived in Virginia so although she's a Pacific Northwest girl she knows what's up with Southern weather.
Thrifting (esp. Summer skirts) is your best friend. I like essentials in a bunch of colors, like a tank top (or cropped top) that is perfect... In mint, white, peach, grey, blue, etc. Because then you can make skirt outfits without too much effort. You can dress down pretty vintage dresses. Also, I'm super into all things 70s right now which happen to be great summery pieces. You already know those tricks though, just keep an eye out for cotton, light colors, and flowy things! Also, mumus. They are all over the Goodwill. I even buy them a bit oversized if the pattern is cute (which is kind of rare)... Trust me, belt those babies and it's like instant cute. Also when you are getting dressed really quick, pattern play. Like a striped top with a floral skirt. All sinched at the waist but flowy with sandals and aaah cute.

I paired this 80s midi skirt with a tucked-in top from last summer and strappy wedges. My hair has been a mess so top knots are a must when it's really hot and humid. I'm not so scared of the heat anymore. Pour me another cool glass of [un]sweet tea, please! I'm ready for 3 more months of summer. [I think.]

Shirt, Wedges, Headband: Target. Skirt: Thrifted.

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