Saturday, June 07, 2014

Getaway to Gatlinburg, TN

Liam's first ice-cream cone from Mary Pop's. "The Goob" = peanut butter and grape jelly. So good.

It has been so nice having Dan home for more than 36 hours. We get 2 and a half uninterrupted weeks with him. Earlier this week we got to stay at Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee so that we could relax a little. It's a 3 and a half hour drive east of Nashville, just 45 minutes south of Knoxville, Tennessee.

We ate fried chicken, pizza, pancakes and had the THE BEST EVER ice cream at a new place called Mary Pop's on the main street. Gatlinburg is in the Smokey Mountains and it is just beautiful. It's a tourist trap but it's still got a lot of authentic charm and retro nostalgia in every corner. The Glenstone Lodge hadn't been updated - and that's exactly how I liked it. It was the perfect, little getaway. Gatlinburg, we'll be back!

Asleep in a queen sized bed - with propped -up pillows blocking the light from the TV. (Thank God for closed captioning!)



  1. We usually avoid Gatlinburg because it is so touristy, but you do make it sound appealing! :-) I'm glad you had a chance to have a family getaway! And I love your pictures.

  2. Looks like Liam had a blast! Your hair looks a-mazing in the pics too! Glad you could get away as a family for some quality time together :)


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