Monday, June 23, 2014

Around Chattanooga: Fiery Gizzard Trail

Last week Dan ended a tour in Chattanooga so Liam and I took a little road trip down there. Liam napped on the way down and we stopped at Fiery Gizzard Trail. It was super hot and muggy. I brought Liam’s swim trunks and we set out down the trail. What I failed to bring was a suit for me or a change of cloths but we improvised. We climbed over boulders and went up to the mouth of a cave. We threw rocks and dipped our feet in the cool spring. He absolutely loved it. He fell on the climb out and I had been carrying him so I was dirty and tired and he was scratched up. I lost track of time and showed up at the concert just as the show was starting. I was pretty much covered in mud and dripping with sweat. But, guess what? I have no regrets. 'Twas far better than sitting at home, waiting for him to return. Liam rocked his headphones and got to see his daddy do his thing. I forgot all about how tired and sweaty I was when I got to eat free food and sit backstage. This summer: more adventures, more live music. Making memories is never a mistake.


  1. Liam is getting so big Lindsy! Adorable, love that kid's smile.

    1. He has grown about 3 inches and gained 3 lbs since the move!


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