Friday, May 16, 2014


I've decided to be less of a, pardon the term, slave to Liam's schedule. He's a big boy. He has stayed up 2 or 3 hours past his bedtime before and he was totally fine. So when I found out that one of my favorite new bands was playing a free all ages show I planned to take Liam. Then I got booked for a wedding rehearsal so I tabled the idea. I am normally a strict scheduler but being the mom of a toddler in a town that's notorious for horrrrrrible traffic, you've got to be flexible. Here's how last night went down...

3:12pm Left the house. Liam asks if we can go for a walk. We walk to the end of the street and run back to the car.
3:16pm Hit the road. Travel approx 9 miles.
3:28pm Pop into Walgreens to get a giftcard for a wedding card I'm mailing to New Orleans. Liam insists on staying in the car. This is probably illegal but, hey, you just made my trip 100 times faster. Sit tight, bud.
3:31pm Card procured. Finagle my way across 8 lanes of traffic to the post office.
3:45pm Get a call from Dan. I tell him I'll call him when I'm out of USPS.
4:05pm Time for everyone in Nashville to get into a major accident.
4:10pm Weave through back roads to get around a gnarly 3 car pileup.
4:17pm Back on track.
4:30pm Drop Liam off at a drop-in daycare center. He is stoked. I am nervous. I rush out to just make it easier on both of us.
4:50pm Arrive at the wedding chapel 10 minutes early.
5:00pm Wedding rehearsal.
5:48pm We're done!? I guess I get to go see The 1975 at Grimey's which is 7 minutes away.
6:01pm Park my car.
6:03pm Waiting in the courtyard. Where is the band? Is my friend Jamie here? Relax, just enjoy the fact that you're at a show for free.
6:04pm Jamie shows up! We start to wonder where the band is. I dont have much time.
6:10pm The band starts to set-up.
6:22pm The band shows up and plays three amazing songs.
6:38pm I run to my car and drive the wrong way for a minute before GPS tells me I'm going the wrong way.
6:59pm Arrive at the daycare center.
7:04pm Head home with the happiest kid ever. Laughing and eating the rest of his dinner, which was a healthy version of a Lunchable. I hear all about basketball and something about a monster truck.

He was in bed by 7:40pm, passed out at 7:42 for sure. I am so glad when I do stuff like this. Sometimes it's just easier to excuse yourself from things like that. You can blame the kid, or his bedtime, but really I'm just lazy sometimes. I'm not going to do that anymore. YOLO, right?

The 1975 by LMRphotos on Grooveshark

That singer is a total babe, BTW.

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