Monday, April 21, 2014

Nirvanda Lambert

What do you get when you pair a huge Nirvana T-shirt (that you got on vacation in Italy for 2 euro), a lace underthing and a floral skirt: Nirvanda Lambert, my friends. If there was ever an outfit to embody "Nirvana" and "Miranda Lambert" I think this is it.  I confess that I did not come up with "Nirvanda Lambert". When I was trying to think about what to write with this outfit, I got a Facebook invite to 'like' our friend Micah's band: Nirvanda Lambert. Check them out if you're in Nashville. I've tried to see them twice and both times had trouble finding a babysitter. But, someday, Nirvanda Lambert, I'll be head-banging in the front row. I promise

Dan, who took these photos, challenged me to try and be a little more daring with my wardrobe. Due to my new job as an event planner I cant really justify buying more "street clothes" (because I need to buy more "cocktail attire") so I'm going to get a little more creative with what I've got. I got this skirt at a thrift store here in Nashville. I love it. It's multicolored so it can go with anything. It's long enough to wear to a picnic and do mom-things, too. Tuck in a tank, throw on a belt and heels. Done.

Shirt: H&M. Lace tank: Target. Skirt/Shoes/Belt: thrifted. Earrings: Carlsbad Caverns gift shop. Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe.

To go with our [insane?] theme here's my favorite Nirvana video and the only Miranda Lambert song I know...

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