Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Son

February 2014

May 2012

Dear son,

Writing "Dear son" just blew me away. I'm wiping a few tears off my face, reflecting on the miracle of your adoption. Sometimes I take for granted how special you are. We get into our rhythm of snacktime, playtime, running errands, the sometimes sweet and mostly torturous bedtime routine -- and I forget that I'm not your biological mother. We are so much alike. We even have the same seasonal allergies, same intense temperament, same sensory quirks (I do not like touching sticky things, either!). You're in the middle of a huge growth spurt, seeking more independence but still displaying babylike behavior every day. I know that in a few years you'll be more independent and I'll miss your snuggles, headbutts and "Sit, mom!" more than I can ever imagine. No matter how good or bad our days are I spend every evening reflecting on how awesome you are. I pray for you and dream for you and wonder what type of young man you'll be. Maybe you'll be a drummer or the world's shortest basketball player? No matter your profession or hobbies I know that your kindness, joy and passion will change the world. Son, don't ever lose your tenacity, frustrating as it may be to a tired mother on her third day with very little sleep.

I'll sign this one off like I did on our one year anniversary: You are safe, you are loved, you are so incredible. 

Love forever, 
Your mama

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