Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's in a Name

Do you know how hard it is to name a person?  Parents have been doing it since the beginning of time but rather than naming an unborn child with hopes of that child living into their namesake, we got to name a person with his own little thoughts and opinions, with 2 and a half years of life experience, a past, and a bright future. In my opinion, that made it harder.

The way we see it his first name was chosen for him, by God, because it is a short version from the name his biological parents gave him. Liam means "strong-willed warrior" which definitely suits him! I am so happy that we were able to keep a part of his past in his name, as a connection to his birth family and where he came from.

His middle name wasn't so easy to choose. We wanted a happy, peaceful name to compliment (or rather counteract) the "strong-willed warrior" first name. Apparently it's not easy to find a peaceful or happy boys name. Many masculine names have meanings about strength and war. So, we started a list - which we worked on for months - and here are some of the contenders...

1. Solomon (Hebrew) peace
2. Axel (Scandanavian) my father is peace
3. Theodore (Greek) divine gift
4. Noah (Hebrew) peace, rest
5. Felix (Latin) happy & prosperous
6. Xavier (Latin) the new house
7. Maddox (Welsh) fortunate
8. Abraham (Hebrew) father of nations
9. Arvin (German) friend to all
10. Alvin (American) noble friend
11. Matthius (Greek) gift of God
12. Nathaniel (Hebrew) gift of God
13. Matthew  (English) gift of God
14. Corliss (English) Happy
15. Sebastian (Greek) venerable
16. Isaac (Hebrew) he will laugh
17. August/Augustus (English) great
18. Lennon (Irish) dear one
19. Krister (Scanadavian) Christ-bearer
20. Pascal (French) Easter
21. Eron (Hebrew) peace, light /enlightened
22. Quentin (French) five/fifth
23. Quincy (French) from Quincy
24. Monroe (Irish) from the hill
25. Finnegan (Irish) fair, white
26. Moses (Egyptian) born of God

For a long time it was going to be Solomon. Then Axel.  Then I actually designed adoption announcements with the name: Felix. Then I really liked Theodore and Eron while Dan liked Finnegan and Quincy (the name of the town he was born in). But, at long last, the winner was: Moses. I love it because it means "born of God", because as he's not our biological child, he literally is born of God. Dan loves that Moses, the biblical prophet, was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter and he also loves that Liam and I will have the same initials.

Liam Moses, wear your name with pride! It suits you well. 


  1. I love how much thought you put into it!

  2. It is crazy hard to name a kid! So much pressure as to how their name will affect them in the future! Great work! The meanings are perfect! And thanks for sharing your list. We may have to refer to it if our next one (someday) is a boy.


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