Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Weeks

Has it been two weeks since Liam was adopted? Can I really call him "Liam" on the web?We just got internet hooked up at our new place. I've been without wifi for two weeks. Sure, I have a smart phone. But there's something about sitting at this desk and writing. I cant blog on my phone. Well, I can. I just dont. 

We are loving Nashville! The people here are the nicest you'll meet. In fact, I just heard a knock at the door and there was an unfamiliar man there. I decided to open the door and it turns out he was the previous tenant. He was so thankful that I forwarded his mail to him and he wrote a nice card and gave us a giftcard for groceries! 

I have been eating fast food and not-recycling for 2 weeks. I also ate fried chicken on purpose today. I am only a shadow of my former self. Kidding. It has been a huge adjustment and I'm still trying to figure out what my life here should look like. I'm a stay at home mom for the first time. Trying to organize a new house during Liam's naps so much harder than it sounds. I'm so fatigued! I am so excited to start using essential oils. My premium starter kit from Young Living arrives tomorrow!

We adopted a dog. An English Bulldog named Gibson with a major alpha male attitude problem. It's my fourth day with him and he's doing great. 

Between a cross country move, a change in employment and training a toddler and a dog... I'm pretty frazzled. Just taking things nice and slow, like any good Southern gal would.


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