Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Waterfront

We're trying to soak up as much of Washington as we can in the coming days before our big move. Dan was gone all month long. Upon his return we've wasted no time in enjoying all the things that Tacoma, WA has to offer. Friday, January 31st was my last day of work. Dan flew in that morning and I went out to lunch with my boss. Dan and I met up and we went straight to DSHS to prepare for our son's adoption. Yes! It's finally happening! We celebrated with some of the best Mexican food in town, a new place down the street called Memo's. It's probably a good thing we're moving because it's down the street! I've eaten there 4 times since it opened. 

One of our favorite places in town is the waterfront at Ruston Way. On a day like today, if it's not raining or windy, it's not too terribly cold and you can enjoy your own private beaches. BB loves to throw rocks into the water. That's always been one of his favorite things and since it's free and readily available in this part of the world, we do it a lot. We both remarked at how much we'll miss this place. I know Tennessee has lakes and rivers but nothing compares to the beauty of the Puget Sound. 

Our home is starting to look like that of a squatter. Last night we sold our refrigerator and today I sold my treadmill. We've sold quite a bit. My plan is to get rid of anything that I don't love. Dining room chairs? Gone for $100 bucks. Armoire? Sold for $50. Old couch? You can have it. I love our beds, I love our credenzas, the table our friend Andy made and I am obligated to keep our piano. Just about everything else is being sold. I'm not sad about what I'm losing. I'm just trying to focus on what is to come. All the new things to put in our new house, new friends, and new bodies of water to throw rocks into.


  1. Hey you will be a short drive from the ocean I feel a future Destin trip coming on?

  2. Hey you will be a short drive from the ocean I feel a future Destin trip coming on?


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