Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Thankful List

When it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm kind of a grump. Exhibit A, Exhibit B. However, an attitude of thankfulness is something I can get into. It's so easy to fall into a rat-race, to want more than I have, and to forget how incredibly blessed I am. I hate that I have a Pinterest board titled "I Want!". I'm such a brat. Many of my friends are doing something like 30 days of Thanks and since it's almost the end of the month I'm putting my list out all at once.

I thankful for...
My happy, hard-working husband
Our amazing little boy
The relationships I've developed with my siblings and new sister-in-law
My awesome crazy family, immediate and in-laws
The Road Widows community and the support they've been to me
Music! Finding just the right song for the right mood
Our new, dependable, fuel-efficient family car
Good social workers
Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping!)
Our trip the State Fair which singlehandedly turned Jack and Audrey into BB's BFFs
The lack of rain in the PNW this year
Our amazing vacation to the Mediterranean
10 years of marriage
An abundance of warm scarves
An early Christmas tree

What are you thankful for? If you blogged it, post your link in my comments.

Thankful Link Up

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