Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Husband's Shirt and Passé Boots

I've been wearing a lot more color and a lot more vintage lately. Why? Because my fall wardrobe is boring and buying new clothes isn't in the cards. My solution: I'm borrowing Dan's clothes and buying thrifted things.

Shirt: Dan's, Boots: ebay, Jeans: Target, Socks: H&M, T-shirt: American Apparel, Cowl: Target, Bag: thrifted.

I dated a boy in high school who wore the same size as me and it was perfect. We shared T-shirts and ripped up jeans. That was back when the T-shirts needed to be tight and the jeans were loose. I'm 30 now and styles (my style) have changed a lot since then. Most of the styles these days are looser and natural. So, let's talk about wearing your husband's clothes in 2013. Chances are, you're not the same size as your husband. That's okay! When I wear one of Dan's shirts I just roll up the sleeves and it works out okay. I've also borrowed a few of his cardigans. These are super cute over mini dresses. Try it! You just might expand your wardrobe by a few items. 

I went a little crazy on ebay a couple of weeks ago and got some great deals but for some reason I bid on these ankle boots. I forgot about them, won them, and paid a lot for them and... I didn't even really like them! Dansko's are hard-soled and made for long days on your feet. I wore them to one of Dan's local shows and walked a few miles through Seattle and I must say, they got the job done. I'm wearing them, no matter how nerdy they may be. I like them and that's what matters.

I tried to style them so they weren't so dowdy. I cut off these jeggings to suit the ankle boot, added a fur cowl, fabulous vintage bag, statement socks and the magic ingredient: my husband's dress shirt. 


  1. Great pics! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I believe it is important to acknowledge the love one has for their spouse, to share reasons why they love them, and to let others know of this great love.


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