Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"You're Not Doing That Right"

I've mentioned that BB is in therapy for some developmental delays. Yesterday he had a review and there were some things that he's not doing that he "should" be doing. For instance, his therapist asked if he's putting on - or at least trying to put on - his own shoes. He's not. It's not his fault, though. Confession: I haven't let him even try to put his own shoes on because I like to take care of him. A few days ago he was trying to get something out of the dishwasher and I actually said "You're not doing that right," and I wanted to kick myself in the face. Truth be told, I like teaching him things but I think I'm a little scared for him to grow up. He's still a baby in so many ways. Also, I'm a perfectionist so when the color rice spills I clean it up. I think I got too focused on teaching him numbers and colors and forgot to teach BB to just be a human. 

Consider this a public declaration to teach my kid practical things and to let him make mistakes. That's what growing up is all about, right?

Do you let your toddler help with chores? Is it hard letting them grow up?
Helping unload the dishwasher


  1. yes...i know i'll be the same way. love that kiddo.

  2. It's a hard balance, I know, and "letting go" of their baby-ness is so, so hard, I hate that feeling. I have found myself with a few foot-in-mouth moments like that as well! Our son has loved helping or doing what we're doing since a young age, so we have tried the approach since he started walking. It's cool because he feels involved and "part of the family" and it keeps him busy, but is also good for him, like setting the table or bringing his plate to the sink. We started with just the paper towels, then added the silverware, now he can set the plates and cups, etc. by himself. I can def understand why people have lots of babies, so when one outgrows it you still have more to come. I also feel like, personally since we "only" have one and no plans for more, those moments are even harder to let go of, do you feel that way too?!

    1. @Jess I definitely feel that way. We may foster more children but for now, he's all we got and we just want him to stay little. BTW, love your ideas of setting the table... Our guy is still too short to reach but maybe we can start with something unbreakable! :)

  3. It can be hard but it's so worth it as they are able to help you with so many more things as they grow older. I feel stretched so thin these days and my two year old loves vacuuming so I let him have at it! It takes him forever but he feels a sense of pride in his accomplishment and it did save me like 5 minutes. It makes me beam to see him so proud of what he's done that it takes some of the sting out of the growing older thing.

  4. I've had to work really hard to try and let go of some of my perfectionist ways since becoming a mama. Jack really likes to swiffer the floors and to help unload the dishwasher. Lately we've been doing a lot of baking together so he can practice scooping, measuring, and stirring (his favorite part). I really love watching him learn to do these types of things and it makes all the messes and extra time spent doing everyday tasks totally worth it!


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