Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summertime Sadness

As LDR would say, I've got that summertime sadness. Because, summer is basically over and I wish it wasn't. So, here is a transitional outfit for a pre-autumn day when it might be cloudy and a balmy 70°. The shirt is a men's T-shirt. I love the cut, especially the neckline. Normally I'm all about showing a little decolletage but this outfit was meant for a lazy Sunday. The maxi skirt is a vintage find and being blue with white polka dots it has endless styling possibilities but I tend to pair it with grey because I heart grey more than anything. The shoes and belt were thrift store goodies. I love a good belt buckle and I rarely show them off so I thought this casual skirt/shirt combo needed something to make a statement. When I asked my mom about Mootsies Tooties and she said she had a pair in the 80s. And that explains why I felt so drawn them. I love nostalgia. Well, I truly hope your fall is dry and crisp and full of pumpkin-flavored-things. Just listen to the song and try not to weep when you realize that it's a good 9 months before you can go swimming again. KBYE!

Skirt/Shoes/Belt: thrifted | T-shirt: H&M (men's) | Nail polish: China GlazeⓇ Evening Seduction and OPIⓇ Germanicure. 
All photos by Sarah Kyle


  1. super cute. and lana is my jam!

  2. i love lana-- even though she's suuuper weird (i think)

    also. your outfit is perfect. at least, perfection to me. I loves it a lot.


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