Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BB's 2nd 2nd Birthday Party

We pulled off another birthday party for the BeeBs on Sunday. (Dan was out of town the weekend before.) We invited our friends with kids. 8 toddlers and 20 adults in a room full of balloons eating  pizza and cake pops. So fun! These are some of our dearest friends and some of the sweetest kids. It was so fun getting everyone together. BB's list of interests is rather short. He loves balloons and balls. So this was a balloon-themed party! What kid doesn't love balloons?! Party favors were little gift boxes with a harmonica, sheet of stickers and a candy necklace all tied together with, of course, a balloon. 
Making a wish and then blowing the candles out - with his nose!
Daddy and Mama needed to help.

Photo on the bottom left by Sarah Kyle / photos of BB and his cupcake by Jaquilyn Shumate.

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