Monday, August 19, 2013

My 30th Birthday Pool Party

I love having a summer birthday because:  SUN. I have always had outdoor birthday parties:  water parks, lakes, camping.  For my 30th I took advantage of our friend Ruthy's pool! It was carnival themed, all based on a red and white striped bathing suit I got from Modcloth. I got Dan some red and white striped swim trunks on Ebay ($7!) and it was a hit. A very tacky hit. Because BB's swim trunks are red with white stars. Matchy-matchy! We served everything on a stick - hot dogs, fruit kebabs, caprese skewers. We ran out of food. Whoops! Never again, I promise, friends.

Sam and Ben: Dudes getting wild.
Libby just loungin with a special drink.

Beautiful cake by Corina Bakery.  Why the purple?  I have no idea but it was GOOD.

Hot dog on a stick!

The lovely sisters Lana and Sarah, of Lady Go Lightly.

Me and my BFF, Sara, who turned 30 in March.

The 30 Shirt!

So, now I'm 30! It's a tradition in our extended family to pass down a "30" shirt and now it's mine! Honestly, I do feel older (people said I wouldn't) but I am very happy. We get to celebrate our 10 year anniversary this week and I am even more excited about that.  

I am so thankful to everyone who came out to celebrate - especially those who traveled far and wide to be here. I really felt special. Cheers to 30!


  1. What gorgeous weather for such a great day! Happy birthday again!

  2. so much FUN!!! I'm so glad the sun came out!

  3. Happy birthday Lindsy - you are stunning, the party looks like so much fun and I love the shot of your husband with BB, it's precious. Hope this year is good to you!


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