Monday, July 22, 2013

Super Fast & Easy Milkmaid Braids

About a year ago I spent about an hour trying to put these darn braids in my hair.  I looked at about 10 different tutorials and I could NOT figure it out. Then a couple weeks ago I tried it - without tutorials - and it was a cinch!  It takes about 5 minutes to do it and it is for real the easiest thing in the world.  Easier than a top-knot if you ask me.  With the warmth of summer and all the running I've been doing for my half marathon training I have loved getting my hair off my neck and out of the way.  It's also a great style for mama's with babies.  I dont think I have any super secret special tips.  I just thought a video might be easier than a 15-step-photo-tutorial. So.... here ya go!

The song on this video is "The Fearless" by Sleep for Sleepers.


  1. you are so stinkin cute! I'm gonna have to try this out!

  2. LOVE! going to have to try it out, perfect for running errands and looking adorable. thanks for making such an easy tutorial!

  3. Luuv it. I wanna do my hair like that next time I go to a fancy party. -Évah

    1. Évah that would look so lovely on you!


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