Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Space to Dream

I get a little anxious when Dan goes on tour. Not only am I balancing a full-time job, motherhood and housework, I am training for a half marathon, and obviously I blog and dink around on Twitter and Instagram. Since I'm self-employed it's really hard to find the space and time to think about anything. Most of the time, when Dan is on the road, I just feel anxious and overworked.

While Dan was home the past week and a half we stayed up late, we sat and talked and he let me dream.  He let me talk about our future, my ideal future, all the "what ifs" that I never allow myself to think about. It felt nice to dream. Even if my life looks the same today as it does a year from now, if nothing comes to fruition, it still gives me hope to use my imagination.

We went out for teriyaki last night and our fortunes were profound. I dont believe in Asian-fortune-cookie-voodoo but these were noteworthy. I think we're going to make some changes. Changes that will give me the space to dream, perhaps. I cant wait to figure it out!

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