Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making the Most of It

Dan was only home for a week and a half and it was our only weekend alone, just the three of us - for two months.  That's what summer is like when you're in a band.  So, this past weekend, we made a conscious effort to spend as much time together as possible.  He's so busy but he always puts us first and we had a blast while he was home.  

I found a 7 mile hike I wanted to try on Orcas Island.  I did not know that you were supposed to arrive an hour and 10 minutes early for the ferry, nor did I realize that the ferry was $50 and I also might have cried when I found out we were too late for the 10:40 ferry and that the next ferry was in 4 hours. But, thanks to smart phones, Dan found a huge park near us and we decided to try it instead.  We are so glad we did.  Not only did we save ourselves a $50 ferry toll we found the most beautiful park we've ever been to:  Deception Pass State Park.  We bought chips and sandwiches at a deli in Anacortes, WA and ate them in the park before we ventured out.  These picutres don't show it but BB was a jewel the entire time.  He loved sitting in the hiking pack and was laughing and talking and pointing at things.  He really is growing up so fast.

We took a self-timed photo with Dan's Canon. We prefer self-timed photos over asking a stranger. Here's why:  when she saw us shooting this picture, a woman on the beach asked if we needed help taking a photo of the three of us. I politely told her that we got the shot we wanted. We ran into her later on the trail and she offered again so I let her and after we shuffled around the trail to get the best lighting she exclaimed "this is one of those old-timey cameras, eh?" and held it away from her, expecting to see a live video image on the LCD screen. After she got used to the old-timey camera, she awkwardly stuck  her eye up to the view finder, clicked the button and somehow the flash popped up, then handed the camera back to me... having never even taken a photo. I looked at the back of the camera and said, "Yeah, it's great!  Thank-you!", and she went on her way.  That is why we do not oblige when someone offers to take a photo of us. It was nice of her to try.

Here's a little video of our time by the water.  This kid REALLY loves to throw rocks.


  1. Awe. So glad u got some good fam time in. We miss u guys!

  2. What an incredible hike ---- makes me wish we lived in WA, the sights and photos are stunning. I love the family shot too - precious!

  3. Such a bummer that you didn't get to crash man weekend. They definitely needed a woman around! Glad you turned an unfortunate situation into an awesome adventure!

  4. deception pass is awesome. i had no idea a ferry was 50 bucks. oi!

  5. Haha - you've got a sweet little indian in your family. Cute video! And how cool is that to find such an amazing park! That seemed like the perfect family getaway. So glad y'all got to spend some good time with your hubby!

  6. I love this!! I love how you were so intentional with your time together - I love how you were a lento make the most of a the situation. I love that you got photos of your family together!! That's the way to do it. My husband is home every day (with a mountain of paperwork and emails but still he's home) and we often get cought in the rut of doing our own thing/ watching TV) and are not intentional about our time together - and when we finally get out of the house I forget to take any pictures... So good job and thanks for the reminder!!


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