Friday, June 21, 2013

Style Resolution Review

I'm midway through my Style Resolution (Can you believe that 2013 is halfway over?!)  I might be failing.  I'm not sure.  Let's review.

The plan was to have less items of clothing to choose from and to be aware of what my personal style is so that I dont buy anything that doesn't fit my theme. So many times I buy something that I don't love and then it gets worn once (out of guilt) and then never again. I've done a good job with buying things in my color scheme and things that suit my body. And I am selling some of the things in my closet that I rarely or never wear

I guess the main goal was to get dressed everyday and to accessorize more, to take an extra 10 minutes of "me-time" to choose an outfit that is sensible and makes me feel good. I think I've done that. I've been more conscientious about accessorizing, too.

The main goal of my Style Resolution was to define my style. I think it's perfectly fine to change things up - for example: modern one day, vintage the next - but I wanted to have a reference guide for when I shop.  Sometimes something stands out to me and I buy it on a whim and then later realize that it doesn't go with anything I own.  So, I've labeled my style as "Vintage-Grunge-Chic" and I know that :  I like solid, bold colors like green and red and gold. I wear a lot of black, gray and denim. I like skinny jeans. I like flowy, chiffon dresses and skirts. I am scared of prints - except for plaid shirts and leopard print accessories. I don't accessorize nearly enough.

Above: Before Accessories.  Below: After.

Here are some recent purchases that I am pretty happy with. I think they fit my theme and will go with a lot of the things I already own. What do you think?  Did I nail it?  

Have you ever had a total style makeover or resolution? I'd love to hear about it!   


  1. I do t think I've ever seen you not looking stylish!

  2. What a great approach to defining your style! I definitely need to do something like this. My wardrobe is all over the map, but rarely stylish. ;-p

  3. Love the accessories! I'm kind of bad at remembering to add accessories too... Love your style philosophy!


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