Saturday, May 04, 2013

When Your Kid Gets Sick

BB is a spit fire, thrill seeker who is always on the go.  It's a rare occasion to get a cuddle or a kiss.  He has his clingy days when he wants to be held but when he's got a fever it's different.  When he's sick he melts in my arms, resting his head on my shoulder and murmurs sweet, indecipherable nothings in my ear.  It's selfish but I admit that like it.

BB had a fever on Wednesday and I held him most of the day.  Our house is a mess and Dan and I ate muffins for dinner and we did all the fever treatments we could ... ibuprofen, luke warm bath, fluids... and he spent all evening in my arms.  And even though I desperately wish he felt better, I cherish these photos that Dan snapped.  What a beautiful image to see this boy totally relaxed in my arms.  But when your kid is sick you would give anything for them to feel better.

So when he woke up Thursday with the same fever, we headed to the doctors office.  Then we saw it: big white infections all over his throat!  The quick throat culture came back negative, to everyone's surprise, so we were prescribed popsicles and ibuprofen and we will find out today if he's got strep throat or if it's viral.  

I hope all you Pacific Northwesterners are enjoying the sun today!  We'll be taking a road trip the rain forest.  Have a great weekend!

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