Monday, May 06, 2013

A Perfect Sunny Weekend

It's no secret that we live in probably the least-sunny part of the States.  One year we hit 200 days without  seeing the sun and we've had many winters with 100+ days of precipitation.  But.... Pacific Northwest summers are the best. The absolute best!  And it's not just the comparison of the good days versus the bad days.  It's just perfection:  not too humid, not too hot.

BB is feeling much better and the best part is that the cuddles haven't stopped.  It's wonderful.  We had a fun, busy weekend [unsuccessfully] seeking out ghost towns in Thurston County, splashing in the Puget Sound and a Cinco de Mayo party in a friends' backyard.  Just perfect!  A taste of summer and I'm hooked.  More hikes and BBQs, please!

An unexplainable tantrum that had to be photographed.

First taste of Nutella...yumm


  1. this weekend was perfect, wasn't it? pacnw ftw.

  2. OMG Your son is so adorable and I don't want this awesome weather to ever end. :)

    It's so good your husband wears the backpack.. my husband is afraid of wearing it- and I point out to him all the time how many guys wearing the baby backpack.

    1. Thank-you! And yeah he'll wear the pack but he wont be caught dead in the Moby wrap.

  3. This weekend was truly amazing! Hoping the summer is the same!

  4. Looks like so much fun!

  5. I just found your great blog! Looks like you live in Tacoma?? I just to Portland, from Tacoma... I'll have to keep up on your posts! :)


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