Friday, March 22, 2013

What to Get Your BFF for her Birthday

I am not a very good gift-giver so I was wracking my brain about what to get my best friend for her birthday and I decided to look up some ideas on Pinterest and Google.  I came across some really terrible lists on the subject.  So, I've put together my own list of what to get your BFF for her birthday!  In honor of my best friend, Sara, turning thirty tomorrow here are some of my BFF Birthday Gift Ideas!  

(Sara, I'm not spoiling the surprise.  I didnt get you any of these things. Okay, maybe one thing.  I cant lie.)

  1. Best-friend necklaces have gotten quite a bit more interesting since the broken-heart pendants we gave each other in the 90s. PB and J necklaces by: bookmarksnrings on Etsy.  
  2. Wall art to match her decor is sweet and thoughtful.  This pretty watercolor by: jellybeans on Etsy.
  3. Wallet case for her iPhone! An essential accessory for a girls night out!
  4. A lady needs time care for herself.  Get your zen- (or not so zen-) BFF a pretty new yoga mat
  5. Last year I got my friend Danielle a little bag of the newest nail polish and she LOVED it. Trust me on this one.  It might seem lame but wouldn't YOU want a bag of nail polish?  Pictured is Essie's latest line.
  6. Every woman with a birthday in 2013 needs to get JT's new album.  

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