Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pictures of the 3 of Us

April 2012. Photo by Jade Ehlers.

I pulled some photos of the three of us from the archives. It's so rare to get a photo of the three of us because usually Dan or I is behind the camera.  I'd like to get some professional photos taken again.  Jade and Kaitlin Ehlers did such a wonderful job last year. The date was chosen a month in advance and once it got to that day it just so happened to be the day that BB had 2 appointments and a new nap schedule.  He kept it together but he barely smiled.  So, now that he's full of personality I'd love to have another shoot. 

I know I'm more obsessed with photos than most people but how often should you get your family's photos taken?  Once a year?  Twice?  Every month?  If I had it my way, it would be weekly.  OBSESSED.

October 2012.

March 2012.

December 2012.
June 2012. A very hot, sweaty but super fun road trip to Spokane, WA.

August 2012.


  1. Love this! I wish I could convince my husband to take more pictures together. Its not that he won't do it, he just gives me a look like, "Another one?" YES another one! Darn it. This is IMPORTANT...

  2. i've never seen the hat and boots in georgetown i gotta go see them sometime.


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