Friday, February 01, 2013

Canon vs. Nikon: A Battle in My Own Home

 There's a battle in my own home:  Canon vs. Nikon.

Dan really wanted his own DSLR camera for shooting video and his pal convinced him to buy the Canon T3i.  We've used a friends' Canon T2i many times - but only for video.  Dan wants to start doing some more work with bands so he saved up his own money and bought this thing.  I've only used Nikon so that's what I'm used to. #TeamNikon! I've been shooting various versions of Nikon DSLR since 2006.  (Prior to that I was only using film).  After just a few days with this thing I'm pretty impressed - or depressed, depending on how you look at it. It's really easy to use. Like, it does all the work for you. I always knew this about Canon so, as a photography student, I really liked all the hard work you put into getting the settings just right on a Nikon. Canon's are cheaper than Nikon so I always thought of them as slightly inferior.  I'm not giving up my Nikon but I am accepting this new Canon step-child into my family.  I am very excited to do some more video!


  1. I recommend reading the users manual and exploring all the cool functions.
    I have a T2i and LOVE IT!
    Canons are awesome. That is all.

  2. I have the D5100 and recently switched over to a t4i. Wonderful shots for the price-point.

  3. A few of my favorite amateur photographers shoot canon and lately I have been canon curious. But with all my Nikon gear it just doesn't make any sense at all to jump ship. So don't tell me how much you love the canon...if that is the case. : )


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